Sistahs Protecting Sistahs provides a 1-800 number (1-800-953-5967) for black women and girls who fall within the guidelines stated above to assist them into safety and recovery.  The resources we want to provide are referrals to temporary shelter or safe housing, food, emergency financial assistance, emotional and spiritual counseling, and provide safety tips and preventative measures for victims of sexual exploitation and domestic abuse.


Donate Funds to Our Organization

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In addition to funding, we are also collecting donations at two different locations to better assist black women and girls in immediate need.

You can send items you wish to donate to the following mailing addresses:
SPS- DMV (Headquarters)
P.O. Box 90874
Washington, DC 20090

P.O. Box 3174
Lilburn, GA 30048

Email us at for a receipt of donation.


A short list of items we are currently accepting:

1) Hygiene items (body wash, shampoo, feminine products, etc)

2) Gift cards (Visa, clothing, food, etc)

3) Woman and girls clothing and shoes (any size)

4) Children’s and babies clothing and shoes (any size)

5) Undergarments for women and children (only new items)

6) Toys and books for children

7) condoms

8) pepper spray


Please email any questions about our organization, or interested in volunteering to:

You can also call us with questions: 1-800-953-5967 ext. 5

Thank you for taking the time to support our organization and our cause. Even if you cant donate, please share and follow us: