Who We Are

Support For Sistahs” Assistance Line:


        Sistahs Protecting Sistahs is an organization for black women and girls. We assist in finding missing black women and girls, and support sex trafficking victims, sex workers, domestic violence victims, and runaways. At this time we are a fairly new organization established in April 2017. We are requesting volunteers in order to assist in getting our organization fully operational. Currently we have performed several search parties for missing black women and girls, and have assisted several black women with immediate needs and plan to support more black women in the future.

         Our 1-800 number is for black women and girls who fall within the guidelines stated above to assist them into safety and recovery. The resources we provide are referrals to temporary shelter or safe housing, food, emergency financial assistance, emotional and spiritual counseling, and provide safety tips and preventative measures for victims of sexual exploitation, and domestic abuse.

Please email any questions about our organization, or interested in volunteering to: sistahsprotectingsistahs@gmail.com

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Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to see black women and girls who are survivors of sex trafficking, child abuse, and domestic abuse thriving after enduring trauma. We seek to support black women and girls, whom are survivors, living out their passions and dreams with confidence and courage.

Our mission is to offer assistance to black women and girls who are survivors of sex trafficking, runaways, domestic violence, and engendered missing by educating our communities, as well as offering safe housing and supportive services to domestic sex trafficking survivors, empowering them to move forward with optimism and pride.

Our Core Values

Support: We courageously confront sexist and racial discrimination with a bottom up approach, seeking to bring justice to the abuse and violence affecting the lives of black women and girls. We reflect the voices, experiences and interests of black women and girls through service and support with diligence, integrity, and strategy. We operate with the highest standards of honesty, and responsibility- as individuals and as an organization- to be a role model through our practices, community involvement, and environmental stewardship. We make sound business decisions regarding the use of our resources, and we are committed to good results.

Preservation: We are thoughtful, thorough and strategic in our provision for black women and girls, and will develop programs and services that seek to preserve the well-being, safety, and livelihood of black women and girls. our budget making decisions. We offer support in areas that will assist black women and girls seeking preservation of their physical, sexual, emotional, spiritual, and mental wellness.

Sustain: We seek to develop and strive to preserve permanent community connections for families. Our programs and services seek to provide resources, tools, and a sustainment plan for black women and girls whom utilize our services for continue success and support. We believe in the power of creating a continued sisterhood, building strong relationships among black women and girls, and to create efficiently long sustaining and progressive changes.